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Samsung Ex-Chairman To Get Pardon-cuyoo

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韩 国政府周二特赦了三星集团(Samsung Group)前董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee),希望借助他的影响力帮助韩国申办2018年冬季奥运会; 四个月前,李健熙被认定逃税罪成立 。 Associated Press 2009年8月,三星集团前董事长李健熙离开庭审现
The South Korean government Tuesday moved to pardon the former chairman of Samsung Group only four months after he was convicted on tax-evasion charges, looking to enlist him in the country's bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The move to clear the name of Lee Kun-hee, one of the nation's most visible business executives, drew criticism from opposition and governance groups that called it an example of the preferential treatment sometimes offered to South Korea's senior business leaders.

Mr. Lee, 67 years old, is widely credited with building up the Samsung conglomerate, one of South Korea's dominant business groups, or chaebol. But he stepped away from his duties following his indictment last year on charges that he caused financial damage to his company by trying to illegally hand down management control to his 41-year-old son, Jay Y. Lee, who this month was named chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics Co.

The elder Mr. Lee was eventually cleared of the charges but found guilty of breach-of-trust and tax evasion in August and handed a suspended prison sentence. The case centered on charges that he caused damage to a Samsung company by issuing a type of bond at below-market rates. He denied wrongdoing in court, though he apologized publicly for the commotion surrounding the trial.

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak cited the contributions that Lee Kun-hee could offer to South Korea's efforts to draw the Winter Olympics in 2018 to the city of Pyeongchang. 'I've decided on this pardon for national interests,' he said after a Tuesday cabinet meeting at which the pardon was considered. South Korea tried and failed to win the 2014 Winter Games.

Samsung said in a statement that it is 'pleased that former chairman Lee Kun-hee has been granted this pardon, and the company expects him to devote himself fully to supporting Pyeongchang's bid to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2018.' Mr. Lee was one of the country's two International Olympic Committee members, but gave up his duties due to his legal troubles.

One activist group, the Seoul-based People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, described the move Tuesday as 'disregarding the rule of law.'

'It's been only four months after former chairman Lee Kun-hee was convicted. The ink hasn't even yet dried on its court statement,' said the minor opposition party Liberty Forward. 'Granting a chaebol chairman a pardon just to host an Olympics will make South Korea a laughingstock in the international community.' Under August's decision, Mr. Lee was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 110 billion won ($88.7 million), but he was allowed to remain free so long as he stayed out of trouble for five years.

The pardon is Mr. Lee's second. He was convicted in 1996 of bribing former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo, but pardoned a year later by then-President Kim Young-sam. It isn't rare in South Korea to see chaebol owners convicted of white-collar crimes being granted presidential pardons, given their critical role in the economy.

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国政府周二特赦了三星集团(Samsung Group)前董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee),希望借助他的影响力帮助韩国申办2018年冬季奥运会;四个月前,李健熙被认定逃税罪成立。

Associated Press

外界普遍认同今年67岁的李健熙在组建三星集团中的贡献,三星是韩国最重要的商业集团(或称财阀)之一。不过,李健熙去年因遭受指控而被迫离职,他被控试图以非法手段将管理控制权转交给儿子李在熔(Jay Y. Lee)。今年41岁的李在熔这个月被委任为三星电子(Samsung Electronics)的首席营运长。


韩国总统李明博(Lee Myung-bak)指出,李健熙能够帮助韩国平昌申办2014年冬季奥运会。他在周二决定特赦李健熙的内阁会议后说,我已决定基于国家利益特赦李健熙。韩国曾经申办2014年冬季奥运会未果。


韩国活动组织、总部位于首尔的参与民主人民联盟(People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy)周二表示,政府特赦李健熙的举动是无视法治。

韩国小反对党自由先进党(Liberty Forward)说,李健熙四个月前刚被定罪,法庭判决书甚至油墨未干;仅仅为了申办奥运会而特赦一位财阀董事长将使得韩国成为国际社会的笑柄。根据8月份的判决,李健熙被判处三年有期徒刑,但缓期五年执行,他还被处以1,100亿韩圆(约合8,870万美元)的罚金。

这是李健熙第二次获得特赦。他曾在1996年因为贿赂韩国前总统卢泰愚(Roh Tae-woo)而被判罪,但一年后被时任总统金泳三(Kim Young-sam)特赦。由于在韩国经济中拥有重要影响力,犯有经济犯罪的韩国财阀所有者获得总统特赦的情况并不罕见。
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